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Working as industrial researcher at Hydratech Industries Wind Power

I, Søren Stubkier, wanted to gain working experience and research at the same time. As I ended my studies at Aalborg University as a Master of Electro-Mechanical System design after 5 years of studying I wanted to see “the real world” and start working as an engineer. So when I was given the chance to work for Hydratech Industries Wind Power as an industrial researcher, also known as an industrial Ph.D, there was no doubt in my mind.

The best of two worlds

Combining knowledge from a R&D department with research from the university environment creates synergy.Employed as an industrial Ph.D at Hydratech Industries Wind Power I get the better of two worlds; the contact, feedback and knowledge exchange from a normal R&D department and the theoretical challenges, network and TIME to do the necessary research from the university environment. Hydratech Industries Wind Power is the perfect partner for an industrial Ph.D due to their over 25 years of experience within the wind turbine industry.

Development of hydraulic yaw drive for multi-MW wind turbines

Design, development and test are three keywords in my task. My project at Hydratech Industries Wind Power was very clear straight from the beginning; developing a new hydraulic yaw drive for multi-MW wind turbines. This meant starting from scratch, finding information on what has been done before, what are the demands for such a system and of course designing, developing and testing a prototype of such a hydraulic yaw system.

Advantages of working with Aalborg University

Working together with a university means being part of a large competent network. The research work divided between Hydratech Industries Wind Power and Aalborg University means that the network on this project includes professors, associate professors supervising the project and several students working alongside me with problems regarding the hydraulic yaw system. Working together with the university also means that I have access to several other resources than just the human knowledge and expertise. I have access to advanced software, literature and workshop assistance.