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Exceptional test facilities

At Hydratech Industries Wind Power we use a range of different test installations. We test our products at full-scale before they are released for production.Whenever possible, we test them for full life expectancy. And every test we run has to meet our own stringent quality standards in addition to the quality standards requested by the customer.

We test it all

The test facilities of Hydratech Industries Wind Power are always productive. There are always new products and alternative solutions under scrutiny. We look at the interaction between various subcomponents; test the life of valves, pumps and accumulators; find out how components and systems perform under extreme temperatures; and run complete function tests such as the verification of electronic controls.

At Hydratech Industries Wind Power we use some of the industry's most advanced test equipment, including:

  • Cooling test rigs, capable of full-scale testing up to a cooling capacity of 80kW
  • Fatigue test benches for pitch actuators
  • 40m² temperature chambers (including a room for technical installations) with a range of   -40ºC to +60ºC
  • Test benches for actuator wear at full load

Our testing is unique

At Hydratech Industries Wind Power we have a reputation for precision testing that’s unique in the wind turbine industry. This is in part due to our fully automatic test benches which enable us to create closed test conditions. We also save all our test data, and our customers can access all our test results, manuals, drawings and component lists from a secure login on our home page.